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What’s Up Doc?

Dr David Casarett thinks High Sobriety may be on to something. In a piece in huffington post, he described us as “not totally crazy”. Ok, I’ll take that considering some of the names I have been called lately. What I will say is the Dr. Casarett isn’t totally right about his analysis of cannabis replacement. The premise of the piece is “would you rather be addicted to opiate or cannabis”? Why is this even presented as a choice? Would you rather drop dead or eat chips? The issue  is the use of the word “addiction”. Americans throw it around too loosely without regard for what it means “oh, don’t start on those peanuts, they’re addictive” or “I’m addicted to this latte”. 

We need to start educating the culture about dependency as opposed to addiction. If we are honest, we are all dependent on something. An addiction requires impairment and negative impact on ones life. There is no diagnosis without impairment. The notion that cannabis use is in and of itself pathology is wrong. It’s not. Millions of people use it without impairment. Others develop some range of a problem with it. For the purposes of High Sobriety, it’s about improvement. Risking death with alcohol or opiates and replacing that with non lethal cannabis is a vast improvement, life saving. From there, the individual can decide what to do about their use of cannabis. Many of our residents move on to cessation of cannabis. We believe giving up cannabis is way more likely than resurrecting from the dead. In the grand scheme of things , resurrections are pretty rare. We also believe that a person who using cannabis as a weapon in the fight to stay alive bears no shame and has no obligation to fit into the “just say no” paradigm  that fails so many people. 

The doctors comparison is actually, crazy. He cites “insomnia” as a possible consequence of cannabis withdrawal. Wow, one might have to watch Sanford and son all night for a few nights as compared to risking death. I see the risk. I kid the doctor but also thank him for sticking his toe in the water of common sense. The truth is, replacing something that will, sooner or later, cause death with something that won’t is massive progress. The risk with cannabis use, while not zero is minimal for most people especially compared to the risk of opiate and/or alcohol use. Oh, weed, what did you do to be hated so?

Author: Joe Schrank, Editor-in-Chief

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