Medical Marijuana

Vice Discusses Impact of Marijuana on Veteran Opioid Crisis

Vice’s Tonic Article on Free Marijuana and the Opioid Crisis Among Veterans
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“The VA is giving away the more addictive drugs like candy.

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On any given day in America, 550 servicemen and women leave the armed forces and return to their civilian lives. That’s over 200,000 new off-duty veterans each year, joining the 19 million already living in this country. Of those, 8.9 million veterans access the Veteran’s Affairs’ medical facilities for a variety of reasons. Many of them suffer from injuries sustained during their service—from physical ones to mental health trauma—and look to the Department of Veteran Affairs for help, but have ended up only finding more hardship. While the VA continues to dole out free opiates as treatment, many vets have begun looking toward a more natural—albeit federally illegal—treatment, that they say has vastly improved their quality of life: cannabis.”