Medical Marijuana

Trump’s Threat to Launch a War on Legal Marijuana

Back in 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama took on the one thing Americans might love more than guns, junk food. The first lady had a simple message: move more and eat better. It was about as innocuous an issue as there could be. Along with smoking, the sedentary Dorito devouring, super-sized American diet is a monumental health concern, one costing millions and draining an already stretched thin healthcare system. Leave it to republicans to take the message as an assault on freedom. Cries from the right were “Michelle Obama can’t tell me what to do, ill smoke Marlboro reds, eat lard and sugar and drink mountain dew if I want to!” it became a glass house issue that has followed the party with an obvious tumor of hypocrisy, as obvious as searching for 48 inch jeans at Wal Mart. If Michelle Obama can’t tell you how to eat, how can the government tell you how to intoxicate? Alcohol, killing 88k annually is government approved intoxication but were you to decide that you wanted a safer form, say cannabis, you’d be a criminal in most states. Trump stepped in it recently when he threatened to enforce federal laws on states with legal recreational use cannabis. Lard, sugar, guns and booze? No problem. A plant people love? Prison.

The embryonic Trump administration has some pretty big fish to fry. Already dragged down by potentially real and certainly perceived scandal, they have referenced a very strange fight in using the justice department to enforce federal law on states with recreational use cannabis. Making it even more strange is the “small government” battle cries. My guess is that Spicer and company will never get to a place where they can have this fight. Health care looms, where is the wall, did Russians pee on Trump? These questions will come before if people in Colorado want to smoke a joint without being criminals. Perhaps the Trump administration should visit Colorado and pass around a joint, my guess is, they won’t get liquored on scotch that day and it may offer some clarity.

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