Medical Marijuana

Senator Booker Takes One for the (Green) Team

Senator Cory Booker (D NJ) introduced a bill today that would legalize cannabis nationwide. While the bill will likely die quickly, the Senator makes some very valid points. His portal into sanity is based on criminal justice. Booker left out the opioid crisis that sees a 25% overdose death reduction when cannabis is legal and accessible. High Sobriety 100% supports this legislation. Well done Senator. Here’s a few of our thoughts on the matter. 

1) house republicans would do well to look at this closely. There is nothing aligning with family values that justifies breaking up families because of cannabis use, there is nothing fiscally responsible about the drug war, there is no better example of big wasteful government than the drug war. Cannabis prohibition is a government overreach. Republicans are known to rebel at nanny state policies, who is the government to mandate what an individual puts into their body or how they intoxicate themselves? Sarah Palin fought for her right to eat lard and sugar when Michelle Obama suggested more fruit and vegetable, where are republicans on this?

2) senator Booker is a smart guy, while he didn’t comment on it, he know states with legally accessible cannabis have 25% fewer overdose deaths than states without. That’s a number too loathe to ignore and doing so is without compassion. 

3) Americas failed drug policy needs comprehensive reforms and a national dialogue. We will never make meaningful or measurable strides until we apply the knowledge, values, and skills of public health.

Author: Joe Schrank, Editor-in-Chief