Medical Marijuana

Raising McCain, Senator McCain has One More Chance to Lead his Troops

Senator McCain is a dying breed. Dedicated to public service he has a war record that includes being a POW for 8 years. He has been in the senate, representing Arizona for decades and has twice run to be president. His bid for the highest office in 2008 revealed McCain to be intensely loyal with deep integrity. In an era where “sex ring in pizza parlor” is given serious consideration, McCain batted away conspiracy theories and racism regarding his opponent. He conceded defeat with grace and dignity, saying “The American people have spoken and spoken loudly”. McCain returned to the senate to diligently work for the people of Arizona. There was a time when being a republican meant quiet service and loyalty, McCain has lead with that example.

Yesterday, senator McCain received a terminal diagnosis of having an aggressive brain tumor, one without cure and one that claims all. Sad and tragic to be sure but McCain seems to have accepted his fate with signature dignity, resuming the issues at hand and committing to fight as best he can. What the senator may not realize is he has an opportunity to lead as he departs his life as well.

Senator McCain is looking at some very serious medical procedures. With that, he is also looking at pain management and will be giving prescriptions for pain. Additionally, with cancer treatment there are inherent side effects. Side effects can be greatly alleviated with safe, medicinal cannabis. All states that allow for medicinal cannabis allow its use for cancer treatment, it was likely the first point of entry for the cultural shift in thinking. McCain heralds from Arizona, a state with medicinal cannabis. It’s an option for the senator and at 80 years old, it’s a good one. Will he take it? Who knows, as a controlled military man, we can guess he would prefer pain and discomfort in the name of weed.  McCain was quoted in 2013 as saying “maybe we should legalize marijuana” but there is often a disconnect between personal willingness and policy.

Cannabis would allow the senator to reduce pain, nausea, Insomnia, all the things that break an individual down as they face the toughest fight of their lives. Will McCain doctors suggest it as an option? Will the senator break federal law and give it a try? What if he did try it and found great relief? Would the senator disclose that to the public and take the lead on different thinking about cannabis use?

Cancer has been one of the “acceptable” conditions and justifications for use of medicinal cannabis. That’s a weird response: “we can help you feel better but not until your near death”. Arizona, like many states is facing a crisis of opiate overdose deaths. They could lead on this and list “opiate dependence” as a qualifying condition. I have never had the pleasure of meeting senator McCain but I know the mentality of the career military man and this is an opportunity for the senator to achieve one more mission, leading his state into sanity with this issue. Do not go gentle, O captain, but show some serious courage and let us know if cannabis is helping you.

Author: Joe Schrank, Editor-in-Chief