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Nevada Goes Green, Could it Help Them Stay Clean?

Nevada goes green, could it help them stay clean?

July first marked the beginning of legal cannabis sales in the state of Nevada. It was a long haul to allow for adult use in a state that features 24 hour alcohol sales and the ability to walk from casino to casino, cocktail in hand. As always, the fight for cannabis isn’t science or common sense but culture. Oddly, there are few laws in Nevada regarding open containers of alcohol. Until recent years, an open container in a car was perfectly legal as long as the driver was unimpaired. The state has recently “cracked down” on open containers in public by forbidding them in glass containers. Caveat emptor, you better pour your 1/2 gallon of vodka into an empty plastic jug to make sure you’re law abiding. Even in legal states, the alcohol regulations compared to the cannabis regulations are at the minimum head scratching. Alcohol insanity aside, cannabis is now legal for adult use in Nevada, so what does that mean in real terms?

First and foremost safe and accessible cannabis means consumers who replace alcohol with cannabis are safer. We all are. Alcohol, while normalized is dangers, often deadly. Additionally, it’s a cultural shift that offers people an option. While the alcohol lobby cries “people will smoke weed!” There is little push back that says “good, that’s better than alcohol”. There may be people out there who were unwilling to consume cannabis because they didn’t want to be a “criminal” but that doesn’t mean they abstained from intoxication. Choice is a good thing, especially when the choice offered is safer than the current monopoly enjoyed by alcohol since forever.

As a bonus, Nevada hard hit by the opiate death toll, just invited a 25% reduction in bodies dropped. States with safe and accessible cannabis have 25% fewer overdose deaths than states without. That’s a number too large to ignore, it begs the question: why aren’t communities flooded with cannabis as an effort to suture this hemorrhage? Of what are we so afraid?

High Sobriety founder Joe Schrank, stopped by Fox 5 in Las Vegas for a chat about the new law.
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Joe Shrank – KVVU-TV News 6-30-2017 Las Vegas from Darren Rogers on Vimeo.