Medical Marijuana

Discourse is Good

Last week High Sobriety became the subject of debate. We always knew cannabis included in treatment would rattle some cages. The truth is, that is how the culture shifts. Jackie Robinson playing on the Brooklyn Dodgers shook sports fans to the core, Loving V Virginal was a firestorm for the American south. New ideas always bring controversy and the HS team welcomes the challenge. While we don’t profess to have solved the age-old addiction problem, we do argue that implementing harm reduction as an option is not only valid but a moral imperative. Arguing that we should just keep going with a miserable success rate and rising body count is how we should proceed is just wrong. 

Addition pro magazine followed up on a previous story about High Sobriety that included Dr. Amanda Reiman’s response to Kevin Sabet’s comments. You can check that story out here:

Later in the week, New York Times best-selling author and journalist, Anna David, sat with High Sobriety founder, Joe Schrank for a candid interview. Check that out here:

From our perspective at High Sobriety, we are not trying to prove abstinence wrong or ineffective, we aren’t trying to be right. We are trying to offer a portal into improvement, safety and even cessation of all drug use. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts. Just like a family, America can’t improve the addiction problem if we don’t talk about the addiction problem. 

Author: Joe Schrank, Editor in Chief