Medical Marijuana

25% Fewer Overdoses with Accessible Cannabis, Article in The Week

High Sobriety provides care for people struggling with addictive behaviors. There is no question our intent is to deliver care that supports the transition from teetering on death to stability, creating enough space for the individual to make informed choices about their own life. We strive to work on the micro level of individuals and individual family systems. We also feel a moral imperative to speak to a culture that is rife with failed policy and treatment plans that have little effect in helping the addiction problem at any level.

Last week a story in “The Week” beat the same drum as High Sobriety. The story raised¬† questions about the opiate crisis and offered a secret weapon we are overlooking, cannabis. Cannabis inclusion challenges the decades old belief that the only treatment for addiction is total abstinence. The data says differently. As spokesman for High Sobriety I give many interviews and without diversion I try to craft the message to include the FACT that’s there are 25% fewer overdose deaths in states with accessible cannabis as compared to states without. That’s a massive reduction and one that cannot be ignored. The media is covering the opiate crisis but seldom is cannabis mentioned as a possibility for some people. Think of that. There is something that has been shown to reduce the number of deaths but 1/4 and we, as a culture are avoiding that because of a moral objection. Thanks to the Week, not for agreeing with us but for raising an important question.

Author: Joe Schrank, Editor-in-Chief

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