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 Cannabis Inclusive Treatment



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High Sobriety provides comprehensive mental health and addiction services for individuals to achieve their goals, live healthy lives,
and have a chance to realize their potential, which may or may not include total abstinence.
High Sobriety respects diversity and understands that recovery is self defined and self determined.


For generations we have been told marijuana is a gateway drug, this has been debunked by science and common sense.
At High Sobriety, we believe marijuana can be an exit drug.


NOTICE: Neither High Sobriety nor any of its employees prescribe, sell, distribute, or produce cannabis.

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High Sobriety does not seek in any way to minimize the damage drug use causes families, communities, or individuals. What we know from years of experience is that there is a need, and a moral imperative to help people who reject the total abstinence model of treatment. Nobody realizes their potential if they are dead. Statistics illustrate a back lash to coerced total abstinence.

We have seen people, after a time of harm minimized drug use, take the next step into cessation of drug use. We have seen people transition from lethal dose use to non-lethal doses and go on to live happier, safer lives. 

Shifting the Paradigm to a Process that Works





The starting point of your treatment typically begins with medical detoxification. Conducted under the care of a qualified medical doctor, the detoxification process is tailored to your needs, comfortable, and safe. When you use drugs or alcohol for an extended period, dangerous and harmful toxins build up in your system. During detoxification, we gently eliminate these toxins and free you from your physiological dependence on alcohol or other drugs. High Sobriety seeks to facilitate this process with integrity and compassion.

Duration: 1 – 14 Days



Phase two of your treatment begins with a comprehensive mental health evaluation. Conducted by a qualified Psychiatrist, this process is designed to examine the neurological complications that either: (a) contribute to your addictive pathology, or (b) are being caused by consumption of alcohol and/or drugs. In other words, this process is designed to diagnose conditions that are causing your addiction or preventing your capability to recover. Some examples of these problems are: Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Trauma, PTSD, Sleep Disorders, etc. Once your mental health issues are identified, we can begin treating the core neurological issues that are fueling your addictive response. This process starts once the detoxification process is complete.


Concurrent to the mental health assessment, we coordinate a sophisticated psychological assessment. This process is conducted by a licensed psychologist and designed to determine the core emotional reasons you turned to alcohol and/or drugs in the first place. Ultimately, the use of alcohol and/or drugs is a type of coping mechanism, albeit an unhealthy one. The psychological assessment helps you to uncover the root causes of your self-destructive pathology. Once these problems are identified, we can begin a one-on-one therapeutic process that is tailored to your needs so that you can begin to develop healthier coping mechanisms with the ultimate goal of resolving these issues so that you can move forward in life in a happier and more productive way.
Duration: 7 – 14 Days



During the third phase of treatment we begin to collaborate with you on what your recovery will look like. We help you explore the benefits and risks of our available recovery options, which include abstinence-based, harm reduction, and medication-assisted treatment protocols. This is typically the point where the clinical team will examine the pros and cons of cannabis inclusive treatment. Once you have identified which form of recovery will work best we further refine your treatment plan to achieve your specific recovery-related goals.
Duration: 7 – 14 Days



The fourth phase of treatment is open-ended. Clients continue intensive one-on-one work with licensed therapists to work towards resolving the issues that have prevented them from fulfilling their goals in the past. This process includes an array of medically-advanced, cutting-edge therapeutic services that effectively, “wrap around” your treatment to address the specific issues that were identified in your mental health and psychological evaluations.


Concurrent to your therapeutic progression, Phase 4 is designed to help you develop life skills. This includes all the emotional, physical, and practical living skills that will be required to sustain your recovery process outside of a structured treatment setting. You will be guided towards holistic modalities that first identifies your personal passions and interests, and then provides you with the skills necessary to achieve your individual goals. This process centers on a Life Coaching Program that promotes opportunities for success in an encouraging and collaborative fashion. 
Duration: 30 – 120 Days



The final phase of treatment is transition. Unlike most traditional treatment settings, we don’t just say, “Goodbye, and good luck!” Instead, we have onsite housing where you effectively transition to independence while still being technically in the program. During this process, we work with you one-on-one, but the goal is to monitor your ability to function independently in your recovery process. If there are areas where you are struggling, we augment your routine with individual support to help you stabilize and regain your balance during the transition. During this period, we collaboratively develop your aftercare plan and set up housing and therapeutic services to assist you on the road ahead. Many people choose to transition from the program and continue in our Mentoring Program, which can be utilized anywhere in the country, or to attend our Outpatient Program if they are from the Los Angeles area.
Duration: 15 – 30 Days


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