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High Sobriety supports comprehensive mental health and addiction services for individuals to achieve their goals, live healthy lives,
and to have a chance to realize their potential, which may or may not include total abstinence.
High Sobriety respects diversity and understands that recovery is self-defined and self-determined.


For generations, we have been told marijuana is a gateway drug. This has been debunked by science and common sense.
At High Sobriety, we believe marijuana can be an exit drug.


NOTICE: Neither High Sobriety nor any of its employees prescribe, sell, distribute, or produce cannabis.

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High Sobriety does not seek in any way to minimize the damage drug use causes families, communities, or individuals. What we know from years of experience is that there is a need and a moral imperative to help people who reject the total abstinence model of treatment. Nobody realizes their potential if they are dead. Statistics illustrate a backlash to coerced total abstinence.

We have seen people, take the next step into cessation of drug use after a time of harm minimized drug use. We have seen people transition from lethal dose use to non-lethal doses and go on to live happier and safer lives. 


• No Couples
• Age 25 and Over
• Failed Previous Rehab
• No Smokables


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